TriangleCIO is supported by executive level, strategic sponsors known as Underwriters.

Meet Our TriangleCIO Underwriters

TriangleCIO is supported by executive level, strategic sponsors known as Underwriters. Senior executives representing these organizations serve on TriangleCIO's Advisory Board and attend the CIO-led, non-commercial chapter leadership programs.

Hylaine is a culture company that solves business problems through technology. Local, senior-level consultants enable your IT team to deliver projects that exceed the business’s expectations. Hylaine’s TRUST culture and collaborative, genuine partnerships garnered the 2022 IT Services Company of the Year and three consecutive awards as the region's Best Place To Work.

To connect with Hylaine, contact Jenna Lazenby at

Kanini is a services firm focused on catalyzing the digital transformation journey of their customers. It is charting this path of transformation through innovation, agile mindset, Flexible engagement models and led by its proven Global Delivery Framework. Much like the unique nature of businesses, their needs and preferences will also differ. Kanini customizes the processes without going against fundamental aspects of the agile software development methodology to drive the results for its customers. Understanding the businesses and their differences in preferences is at the core for developing successful solutions. As a software development company, Kanini has a broader niche beyond agile software development.

To connect with Kanini, contact Babu Krishnasamy at

Associate Staffing excels in providing a wide range of hiring support, including executive, permanent, contract-to-permanent, contract, and statement of work personnel. With a strong national presence, Associate Staffing operates through three regional headquarters and has team members located in 37 states, with further expansion underway. This extensive network enables us to build strong partnerships with exceptional leaders and exceptional talent across the entire country.

To connect with Associate Staffing, contact Michael Norton at

Verinext delivers transformative business outcomes through technology and services so customers are ready for everything that comes next. From intelligently automating time-consuming tasks and protecting data assets to securing infrastructure and improving customer experiences, Verinext activates the innovation that makes technology truly work so businesses can make their next move with confidence. Learn more at

To connect with Verinext, contact Mike Arnold at

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